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    Nov 13, 2004
    United States
    I've been having issues with SNES9X GX today. My sister told me she wanted to play Sailor Moon: Another Story. So I loaded it up for her (first it asked me to update to the latest version, so I did) and about halfway through the second mission the game froze. She got frustrated and decided not to play. I thought "Hey, no big deal, I'll just play some Terranigma.", well the game decided to freeze during the 3rd tower. I thought "Hey, not a big deal, I've been saving.", sure I was upset since I had just beaten the 3rd tower, but it wouldn't kill me to start over. Well apparently when I saved it decided not to register so I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN!. I was a bit ticked, but proceeded to start the game again, this time attempting to use the in game "save states". Heh, well those things decided not to work (edit: picked the wrong option due to frustration, oops). I got back to where I was and went to tower 4. The game froze again halfway through the tower. So I went back, at least this time the game decided to keep my saves. I beat tower 4 and then decided to go to tower 5. Right when it told me I was immobilized (before I went got thrown out, deciding to be cocky and wait to save the game), it decided to freeze again, making me have to redo tower 4 again.

    Ok I hadn't had problems with freezing before the update. Could the update just not have worked properly or is the emulator having issues?
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