Snes9x 4.12 / SMB Network Share

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    Oct 10, 2009
    so im having some smb issues with 4.12 of snes9x. i'm using the gui in the emu.

    this is my network:
    server ip is
    user is user
    pass is pass
    roms are hosted (unzipped) in /home/user/complete/romsets/snes
    ive got the 'romsets' directory shared directly under the credentials user/pass.

    this is an ubuntu server and not windows.

    my server ip ive entered, as well as user/pass. the sharename ive put as romsets

    under save/load i have the load as snes and the save as snes/save and cheats as snes/cheats

    save and load are set as network, but everytime it errors on connect saying it cant connect to smb

    so with the roms being in: /home/user/complete/romsets/snes
    and the share (romsets) /home/user/complete/romsets
    what settings do i enter into the emu?

    ive tried everything i can think of and it all errors out THEN it resets the load folder to nothing and the load device back to auto or usb.

    can anyone explain maybe a little bit better then the missing manual on what the dirs are in the settings, and maybe what does and does not work for settings in this emu.