Snes garbage and jigsaw graphics advice

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    Oct 4, 2014
    have a pal snes that my brother has found in he's attic that's been up there at least 10 years .powers up fine sound is great but the picture is scrambled and like a jigsaw .i have taken it apart (not done these before but not much to the things...
    Cleaned the connectors wiped the bird with isopropyl etc etc and gave it a good clean around the Pcb

    I did notice the bottom of the Pcb was very sticky so assuming a cap may have blown but it don't make sense the amount of sticky stuff there was so did Nintendo use glue on these boards for any reason ??

    Have plugged it back in and still the same problem.picture is fine on some games when it's sitting idle on the main screen but jumbled up when the game starts which is strange

    Is it worth replacing the caps ??

    If so where in the uk can I order them from I'm one kit

    Don't fancy maplins would rather buy it in one go

    Unless you think it's a chip that's dead in that case I won't bother any advice be great especially where in the uk I can order these caps from as Google only shows Us websites. Thanks
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    probably at home
    Watched this video yesteday, He tried it first with replacing the 7805, but that didn't work. So he is thinking about a cap replacement.
    Some comment on the video was the signal being converted to newer televisions caused the issue. Have you tried it on a old crt?
    And can you send some screenshots?
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    Not fully sure, but if it has been stashed in an attic for 10+ it could very well be the capacitors. Check for discolorations on them and deformations. I know this is at least a major problem for the original Xbox systems as damn Microsoft cheaped out with their capacitors. Living in America, I'm not fully sure, but could there be some kind of video issue in running a 50hz SNES signal through a 60hz TV?