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    Jan 28, 2012
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    I just recently picked up a DSi XL, and that has led me to a renewed interest in the original GBA's library. The screens on this thing are just gorgeous, and then of course that led me to wonder what other systems would be good for the machine.

    I'm using Twilight Menu, without HiyaCFW (because I admit that I don't really understand what Hiya is needed for?).

    My question is: is there any chance that SnemulDS will ever be updated to support newer fantranslated/patched ROMs like Goemon 2 & 3, or Tengai Makyou Zero? I'm mainly wanting to play fan-translated / patched titles, but so far none of those 3 have ever successfully booted in SnemulDS for me. I know that when Tengai Makyou Zero's patch was originally released, a lot of the major emulators had to be updated to support it, so I just thought I'd ask about SnemulDS.

    Thanks for all the work put into this scene! The DSi XL with Twilight and a 64GB SD card has been one of the best gaming investments I've ever made!
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