sNeek2o - Wii Save managent issue

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    May 8, 2016
    Issue Description:

    Wii save management menu freezes in sNeek2o environment every time I try to access it.

    Additional information:

    I finally setup working sNeek2o setup on my Wii console. However, no matter I did, I always encountered the same bug described above.

    I tried:

    1. Remaking my own nand quite a few times with USB Loader GX;
    2. New ModMii 4.3E nand;
    3. New ModMii 4.3U nand;
    4. Neek (sNeek, sNeek2o, uNeek2o+DI - latest revisions);
    5. Removing Priiloader;
    6. Deleting saves from the nand;
    7. Different SD cards and USB Flash Drive (for uNeek2o). I have an original Sandisk Wii SD card formatted with 8 kb cluster size - no luck.

    Result is always the same: Every time I try to access Wii saves menu, it freezes.

    Have absolutely no idea what is causing such a bug. i have PAL 4.3 black Wii, which was recently softmoded following this guide:

    If you have any ideas about what could possibly cause such a erratic behavior, please share it in this thread.