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    Jan 6, 2009
    can any 1 please help or explain about adding games to usb to play using sneek+di,i have finally got snnk+di working on my soft mod pal wii,however i put a game converted to sneek format using disc ex,the game showed up in my disc channel on my usb,i could play game ok, i added 2 more games but only the game i played before is shown in disc channel,i cant find or play the other 2 games, i deleted the game i could play from my usb stick using my pc, when i start sneek again, it boots up but there are no games displayed even though there are 2 games on it. what am i doin wrong,i thought u could have many games either pal or ntsc on my usb stick,please help,i have used modmii to get files for sneek+di,done it all as far as i know,just stuck on adding games,i have tried 3 games but only 1 shows up in disc channel,y only that game ? is the best version for my needs? i can play disc or usb on my soft mod pal wii,what is my best option? sneek, sneek+di ,uneek or uneek+di. please please help