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    This is just to clarify what the file formats in SSB 3ds are and how to open them and other things.
    To learn how to use in-game modifications check here.

    .tex - TEX file format is usually associated with LaTeX, but these are image files used by the 3ds. There is a tool made by @Flurry that allows the viewing of these images and the exportation and importation of the .png image format

    .mbn - MBN file format is Super Smash Bros™ for 3ds' version of a .obj and comes with textures in the .bch format. Currently, there is no way to edit these but the can be exported as .obj, .dae, .smd, and .cmdl format in Ohana3dsRebirth as well as be swapped with other models from SSB 3ds to produce rather interesting effects.

    .bch (1) - BCH file format was used as model files in the 3ds Pokemon games but in Super Smash Bros™ for 3ds, they are texture files. These can be viewed with Ohana3dsRebirth and exported, but the only way to import is through Ohana3ds and by reading the tutorial linked at the top.

    .bch (2) - BCH file format can also be animations. These can be viewed with Ohana3dsRebirth. Skeletal animations for fighters are found in motion/fighter/[fighter] material and visibility animations are found sometimes in the same location but most animations are skeletal

    .bin - BIN files are binary files. Simple as that, but some people have been able to edit the most recent update (1.1.4) encrypted binary files by using the less encrypted data in the original versions 1.0.x

    .xtal - XTAL files probably stand for eXtended something. These have not been gone under a whole lot of research; however, there are some websites with info on them like this one. Those sites seem a little sketchy so I would not visit them.

    .pac - PAC files are most likely the same as the .pac files in SSBB however not much research has been done to my knowledge

    .nus3bank - NUS3BANK files are just banks that sound files go into. They are .idsp/.dsp files at heart with just header information. They can be converted to .idsp and be played with Foobar2000 (look at the tutorial linked at the top of the post for more info)

    I know that this isn't a complete guide but if you know of any other file type, let me know.
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    See about adding this stuff to the wiki maybe.
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    There are a ton more extensions that you did not include. Here is a full list of file types from the 1.1.4 update
    If you want to know where each one is found look in the attached file.

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    Sep 29, 2016
    can you please tell me the link of the wiki?
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