sma3 problem after playing a while. please help.

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    Jan 3, 2016
    First of all Hello and tanks for the awesome job most of you guys been doing here.

    I recently bought a EZ Flash 4 Card micro sdhc version, it came with 1.77 kernel (newest afaik) i decided to install a "reset" one since its the best i could get afaik. (i got the clearlookv7 or somthing one found in this forum) therefore i started to play some games but there is only 1 game im having trouble with its Super Mario Advance 3 its my favourite game of all times. Things i am going to point out:

    1- Its the only game i have trouble with, i have played many others and not a single error.
    2- sma3 Wont run out of NOR. when i start it from the sd card it loads and after loading i get a black screen, (thats the reason im playing it on NOR memory)
    3-i tried 3 diferent sd cards all FAT formatted, nothing changes.
    4- tried other sma3 roms [EU] all clean roms both fail after some time played.

    Problem explained: at some point (time is somthing between 10-15h played sma3) it suddenly freezes and it reboots from begining, the problem gets solved after deleting sma3 from NOR and moving it back on then i can play "flawlessly" for another 10-15hours after that time it freezes again.

    my thoughts are i have some broken or not working well NOR chip or somthing but on the other hand all other games work really good on NOR (im talking about LOZ link to the past, Minish cap, mslug advance, sma1, 2, 4) therefore i want to know if thats a known problem or i just had bad luck getting a bad NOR.

    Sorry but my english is terrible here i uploaded a video about the problem hapening (no darth wader jokes please i was holding the camera with my mouth)lol

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