Sky3DS save weirdness...

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  1. richufc

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    Nov 4, 2005
    I got a Sky3DS and its been working perfectly up to now, but tonight I had a weird save issue and was wondering if anyone could explain it...

    I loaded up a card with about 10 games on it, but for the past few days have been mainly playing NES Remix. I got up to around 400 stars on my NEW Remix save game and then thought I'd delete a few of the existing games off the micro sd card to leave about 4 games on it to make it quicker to switch between the games I'm most likely to play quicker - rather than scrolling very slowly through lots of games I probably won't be playing for a while.

    I deleted the games using the disk writer (latest version) but when I put the card back into the 3DS my NES Remix save file only has around 50 stars on it - which I think was the amount I had on the save file the last time I swapped the games around.

    So what the hell happened!?!? Is there a way of avoiding this issue or is it just a weird random blip?

    Thanks for reading and would be grateful for any help ;)
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    It seems to be an issue with EEPROM not dumping to the MicroSD immediately after saving. I don't think it ever happens with CARD2 games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

    I've only ever had this issue when swapping between cards before cycling through games. I recommend going back to the main menu and pressing the button to go to the next game before removing the MicroSD. It's just good practice, but not a widely advertised one.
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    are you sure you saved? I have this happen on Pokemon... not on sky3ds..but where im SURE i saved and leveled up muh pokemon... but back in a spot where i was 2 hours earlier :/
  4. mrolive

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    Jul 14, 2014
    Yeah this is stated on their site. In order for the saves to transfer from the EEPROM to the micro-sd card, you need to switch games at least once.