SKY3DS restore save data not working

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  1. Taipan20

    Taipan20 Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    i made a backup of my save data as a .sav file. ive tried both ways of restoring data using the disk writer onto the microSD card but neither of them work. the first way i tried is right clicking the game and restore save data it starts the progress bar and fills up 100%. the 2nd way i made a 2nd copy of the .sav file and changed it to a .bks file format. i clicked on the file menu and restore save data as a .bks file it starts the progress bar and fills up to about 90% it stops and then it says

    "important message save file's number does not match the number of game file"

    and when i click on ok nothing happens. ive tried both ways but when i start the game on my SKY3DS it says i have 3 empty save files. am i doing something wrong??
    is the .sav or .bks file ment to go on the micro sd card or the larger SD memory card??
    which file do i copy across the .sav or .bks file onto the larger SD memory card and restore data using system settings on my 3DS??

    im using the newest versions of the disk writer(V106b5) and template(0216)

    the game im having issues with is zelda majoras mask EU version. theres nothing wrong with the rom i made it up to goron temple and defeated the boss with no issues. i think its the disk writer or template.
    i have the newest template0216 but i noticed its the only game that doesnt change to the correct name
    on my disk writer its still called this "ctr-ajrp.3ds"
    so im hoping maybe its a problem with the template and they fix it so it works properly.

    if anyone can help me id really appreciate it thanku

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  2. Dacio

    Dacio Newbie

    Feb 20, 2015
    Ciudad De Loreto, Santiago Del Estero, Argentina
    Got the same problem, still cant make it work. :(
  3. Taipan20

    Taipan20 Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    i got a message from someone telling me to do this

    Basically do the following

    Start your game and make a save.
    Exit and change to another game so that the save will save correvtly to the micro sd card.
    Plug into PC and backup that save.
    Plug back into 3ds and start the game and make another save.
    Change to another game so the save, saves correctly
    Plug back into PC and restore your save.
    Now you must cycle through that game min once so that the save is updated correctly.

    it didnt work for me but you can try test it urself

    it worked for my super mario 3D land save file but NOT for my majoras mask save file
  4. acoll

    acoll Member

    Mar 11, 2015
    Manila, Philippines
    does anyone have a majoras mask save file, i finished all the 4 bosses and was going to get all heart pieces before going into final battle, when injecting private header on my other games corruppted my microsd and i had to reformat.

    would just like to try if restoring a save file would work.
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