SKY3DS on the way and need some pointers

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    Jun 2, 2015
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    Complete noob to the 3DS rom scene, but I picked up some stuff but I can't find any clear guides on it.

    I want to run Smash Bros online, and I can get a private header and a powersave dongle (but which one? I live in USA, btw), but I don't know how to put in my header for the game.

    So if someone could inform me what to buy and how to actually use the retail cards and the software, that'd be great.

    Anything else I need to know to play online without getting banned? I can't dump my own ROMS because I don't have a Gateway/Gateway-compatible device. So can I get a random .3ds or .3dz (and what's the difference?) and smack my headers into it?

    Edit: I mean, I'm so noobish, I need a step-by-step from Beginning to End.

    Edit again: I can get most headers from friends so we can play together. Are there any risks from that? Or not so much.
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    This is a pretty good guide. I recommend patching your headers before writing your roms onto your card.
    You want to use a private header that no one else is using, get your friend to let you keep the header of a single game he/she won't play online. If two headers are seen online at any time, you may be flagged.

    If you need any help setting up or don't understand something, feel free to pm me :)
    (Though I can't guarantee much as I'm still learning, myself)