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    Could Some body in this forum, please post me a link to a site where i can upload my signature.
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    Researching for The Guide
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    You can check out my g-masters thread -;threadid=4453

    Or of course, lazy people all the way! Let me copy and paste -

    First things first, can someone give me a copy of my old Image Hosts? It got lost...eep.

    Anyways, I have composed a brand new one, here it is -
    Well, its an ok image host. Maximum file size 20k, maximum size 80x80..ok, maybe not. NEXT!
    Very nice, no sign up required, upload and go . Maximum file size 500k. Pretty good, but if your image isn't accessed within a 60day period, it will be deleted.
    More of an album sharing thing, it seems to be a perfect hotlinking host! 150mb of space for all your images, unlimited directories and png supported. Don't forget that you can upload zips of pictures!! No GIF images and you have to sign up.
    Only 5mg of space, jpeg only and they add their url to your image! NEXT!
    Maximum file size of 1mg. Not bad, more of a sharing picture thing. Hehe.
    Not a bad host, 1mb upload restriction, if not accessed in 6 months it will be a deleted, but it supports .swf uploads.
    Only 50k of space to upload, but of course you don't need to register to upload...but same with the others. NEXT!
    Images get deleted every 30 days, ment for auctions. Use for last resort?
    Same thing, its another auction hoster, images get deleted 30 days after.
    Maximum size 600k, no signups, nice host. Very.

    Well this is the end. There are more yes, I didn't add them, waiting for someone to give me my old list back.


    Thanks to Lucky for finding my old ones - *** (Complaint) ** (IMPORTANT) * (IMPORTANT) ^ ^

    ^ NOTE Links with an "^" have been untested.
    * NOTE You have to add &ext=.jpg | &ext=.gif | &ext=.png etc. after the URL to make it work.
    **NOTE Anglefire requires you to have a primary website. You have to have an index.html, to keep your site active.
    ***NOTE GameMaster has encountered problems with this host, unfortuneately I don't seem to have the cause. Most likely copyright issues.