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    So im a fan of the shuffle! Series and ive been away from the visual novel category of games for awhile. But im trying to get back into it and i got myself this game in Japanese even though i cant read japanese. So i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find the eng patch for the game or if it even exists cause ive googled for 2 days and nothing.
    Im not sure if patches to games are not postable here so if not just pm me the site link/name. Or if you have the eng patch yourself hidden somewhere please share it somehow thanks.

    Heard mangagamer was gonna translate it but then steam cockblocked them and we got a port of the original rather then the extended game.

    On my old pc i used to have a series of programs that would auto translate the visual novels as i played through them and would overlay the translations on a semi-transparent bar. Wasnt super accurate but i could generically guess the meanings using the images as a base. If theres no eng patch does anyone know about this cause ive long forgotten its been like 5 years
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