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    I have a black DSlite. I do have a skin on it, but I didn't keep the part that goes around the buttons on it because it was starting to get thumbnail damage and looked bad, so I peeled it off. But otherwise, it looks like this:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    I have that same style skin on an ice blue GBA SP2. Shut up! I like that skin.

    I have the DSlite in this case that extends the sides out for comfort. It looks kinda lame, but it REALLY does help prevent discomfort during long plays. Besides, it let's me keep a few spare SD's, my old R4 and a spare stylus in those little pockets. Heh, those little swing-out arms also have enough space to stick a microSD card reader in (I never extend the sides out anyway, they are perfectly fine for comfort when closed), so I have an SD reader tucked into one side. You can't really tell from the pic, but it has a clear plastic lid that closes over the DS and locks shut when not in use.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I also have a stereo speaker accessory to amplify the sound, but I don't really use it because they sound kinda crappy....loud as hell, but lacking in dynamic range:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    (Unfortunately, the one I have is white though)

    I have some retractable metal styli. I kept the black and white ones and gave the pink and blue ones to my friend's kids:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Yeah, the pics are ripped from DX..... [​IMG]

    Naturally, I have screen protectors on the screens of all my handhelds....don't really need a pic for that though.

    I have a giant carry bag deal that can hold all my Ninty handheld stuff....I used cardboard to section off areas in it to hold the DS, oodles of game carts in an obnoxious pile, a charger, spare styli, etc. Too lazy to take a pic though. It basically looks like a big square handi-cam bag. I bought it long before I got into flashcarts, so it's kinda obsolete now. I just keep my spare DS/GBA stuff in it now.

    My flashcarts include:
    CycloDS (2 of them)
    Original R4

    Supercard miniSD
    M3 Perfect miniSD
    EZflash IV miniSD

    I made sure to get the full-sized slot2 carts so I could use them in the GBA SP2 if I wanted. That case I use for the DSlite makes it where you don't notice a slot2 cart sticking out anyway, so that works out. The M3 Perfect is by far the best of the slot2 carts I have.

    That's about it. The only reason I have that much stuff for it is because it's the only gaming system I've owned for its entire lifespan.

    Actually my skinned DSlite is awaiting new contact pads for the buttons to be installed, so I'm using a plain black unskinned DSlite as a backup unit at the moment. I'm kinda sweating taking my skinned DSlite apart to change those pads because it's one that was bought when the black DSlite's first came out in America and I'm terrified that a ribbon cable will crack (or something else will break) when I open it because of it's age. Other than the worn out buttons (A and dpad-right) everything else about it still works good though.
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    Wow these are great and whoever made this Topic is BOSS! [​IMG] anyway I will upload pictures of my Modded original DS Tomorrow - Original Silver with edited buttons and new Stylus Holder and Gameboy Game cover slot removed it is very cool! [​IMG]
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    This is my first mod on any console.
    It was a pretty simple button change to red from my other broken DS that i talke about a while ago. I even changed the power and volume slider!
    Also, I am pretty suprised i didn't break anything in the process!, although i think that the L and R buttons feel less responsive. IMG-20180224-WA0001.jpg

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