Hacking Share your Terraria game saves!


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Mar 14, 2022
Let's share our Terraria 3ds game saves! Mine first here!

You can download the game save using:


I'll show you how to download it
But you need to hack your 3ds but if you already hacked it no prob

1st Install Jksv i cant provide you link because im new
2nd Install Jksv (Paste the cia on cias folder but if you use 3dsx paste it in the 3ds folder)
3rd Launch Jksv and press Terraria then extra data and make a save
4th Exit Jksv
5th Power off your 3ds
6th Remove the SD card from your 3ds then insert the SD card in your computer
7th Open the JKSV folder
8th Open Extra data
9th Terraria
10th Open the folder whatever you named it
11th Minimize your file browser
12th Download the zip file then open it or extract it (Open it using Winrar or 7zip)
13th Copy the 2 files
14th paste the 2 files in the folder with whatever you named it
15th You're done!
16th Open JKSV then terraria then extdata and reload your save and your Done!!
You can also use this to share your game saves you just open your folder containing the .p .w files then just copy them and turn them into .zip files

It's not that hard but hacking your 3ds is just Demonicly Hard!


  • Woofmere's Terraria game saves.zip
    1.6 MB · Views: 182

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