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    Nov 20, 2008
    Shadow Man is one of my favourite games, I've completed the PC, DC, N64 and PSX versions. Since I got a PSP I've been looking forward to playing it on a handheld, but having completed it a few times I don't have the patience to start from scratch so I was hoping to use CWcheats to 'enhance' the experience a little.

    Problem is CWcheat doesn't recognize my EBOOT. It just gives me that ID: UNKNOWN message. The cheats are definitely in there, I edited the .db myself to add them, both the US (00895) and Euro Multi 3 (00847) ones. I've used 3 different images to make 3 different EBOOTs using the popstation GUI, same result every time!

    I've got the popstation with every version from 3.00 to 4.01 and although I haven't tried them all 3.00, 3.51, 3.71 and 4.01 do not make CWcheats work.

    If anyone has any idea what (if anything) I'm doing wrong I'd really appreciate a push in the right direction.
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