.sgm to different emulators?

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    I was using VBA to emulate one of my favorite games of all time, Dragon Warrior Monsters. I was going to use a gameshark codes, but VBA seems to only understand GBA gameshark codes. So i downloaded KiGB emulator and tried to boot up my game. The game and codes work but the save states are in a .sgm file. So KiGB wont open it. Anything i can do the move it over? [​IMG]
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    It might be easier to convert codes, http://crackerscrap.com/projects.php grab "GBAccc"
    arcrypt and cbacrypt are two other programs you may need. A quick search should find them but if not post back and I will mirror them.

    Still the only save state converter I know of is for VBA to no$gba, grab it http://www.romhacking.net/utils/416/

    Option 2 is hardpatch the rom with something like GBAATM (also on crackerscrap)