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    Mar 13, 2018
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    I have checked the emummc.ini file and because I do not under the information and would like help I'm going to post it here

    this is what it shows on for both switches:


    as I said before there is like 20gb worth of data that is not present on the sd when I insert it into my PC, and it doesn't show up on my sysnand either. I have also concluded that none of my emummc setups went to the 31GB partitions I made on either of them. So it's safe to assume that perhaps I need to redo my emummc so that it's installed into the partitions I made for them at the least.

    Update: okay so I've read from github that hekate/nyx has an issue detecting secondary sd card partitions and can only create partition based emummc from the same partition that you used to boot hekate/nyx into. Running the setup again from hekate/nyx will only overwrite your current sysnand over your existing emunand. The workaround in my own terms according to what I've read on GitHub is that you have to set the partition for emummc as the primary partition using third party software (I used minitool partition manager) and the other partition/s as logical. Set up your emummc then change your first partition back to primary and install a second emummc if you wish.

    I still don't understand how hekate creates a partition based emunand, partition data doesn't show or takes up space on my SD but the config files are there, and after trying to create two emunands the migrate emummc function just seems to copy the config files from the second partition and merge it with the first one. With the space for either emummc nowhere to be found.

    @tabzer wait were you telling me that I shouldn't even be attempting to manage my emunand partitions on hekate at all? if hekate isn't used to manage it then what is being used then?

    I'm only sharing what I have learned to help others and to get feedback

    @tabzer I also really liked the multiboot setup that I read up on from an older thread, but due to my lack of know-how I've always wanted to find an easier way to get it done. I just want to get a stocknand/cfw emummc/android/Linux setup
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