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    Often i find myself thinking coming to gbatemp for things that have nothing to do with gaming since the community here is so diverse and willing to help. so, i decided to come here for this question because of that and, where else am i gonna answers?!

    anyways i was wondering about serialized scifi and horror short story magazines. anyone know what i'm talking about? the kinda mag that published all the lovecraft circle writers and fanfics from the 70/80's, the ones where famous authors first got published with short stories...i find myself reading great stories and it almost always turns out that they were first published in one of these magazines. I think it'd be great to recieve a bunch of awesome scifi/horror short stories once a month!

    So i was wondering if anyone knew of any magazines like that that are still around? Anything i could subscribe to? Websites that do that, even?

    I was gonna list some mags that are representative of what im talking about but i couldnt find enough to make a list...i guess if you know what im talking about you do and if you dont, you dont...

    Anyways thanks!
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    First before I forget take a look at the masters of sci fi/ masters of horror TV series (not sure what channel/network it aired on in the US, it was Bravo in the UK when I saw it), a lot of it was dross but there were some decent stories. Most of the shows featured staples and rising stars of the genres as well.

    Printed, I can not say I have honestly looked for any of them for many years. Internet wise there is a fair bit going around (look around the authors sites as a lot of them post "novellas" and early ideas), my links (blog type sites and buried within publishers pages) are unfortunately buried in my main machine which is out of action right now.
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    The few that John Carpenter did were pretty good as I recall but I haven't seen them in a few years so I don't know if they've held up at all.