Semibrick 3.4E on a North.Amer. wii upgrade/fix to 4.0U

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    May 19, 2009
    FlossMe's Guide on How to fix a semi bricked wii

    With the following specs/problems:
    Older generation Wii with the original wiikey installed, that was bought in north america. It was updated to a 3.4E firmware which is the cause of the semi brick. Basically you cannot access the system settings menu AND you cannot enable the internet connection on it! What this fix will do is -
    1)install Bootmii onto your wii
    2)install the HBC and DVDx
    3)help you create a back up of your wii, should you end up messing up down the road(theoretically fix)
    4)update your north american wii to firmware 4.0U

    Please note this is just based on information collected and should be used knowing that there is always the risk of fully bricking your wii or mess up the operating system. Ok onto the fix:

    What you need:
    SD card(preferably 2 of them) both atleast 1MB makes life easier
    Hackmii(includes HBC/Bootmii/DVDX)
    NUS Downloader
    Wad Importer

    Follow the instructions on the Bannerbomb website to properly put it on your SD card and how to use it. Then download the hackmii installer, copy the 'installer_beta1.elf' file to the root directory on the SD card and rename that file to 'boot.elf'.

    Place the SD card into your wii, and go to 'wii options -> Data Management -> Wii Channels -> SD Card. This will trigger the bannerbomb program and start up wth Hackmii installation. Follow along with your remote and make sure you get success on each install for the bootmii/HBC/and DVDx.

    Now once that is done, remove the SD card and make a back up of that SD card! You will need need that SD card(or the information on it to 'start' your wii from now on.. as it has the bootmii installed). Basically you are making your wii boot from an SD card. Remove the 'boot.elf' file from the directory as you have already installed Hackmii(unless you want to remove them one day).

    Now we are going to update your wii to 4.0U. Use the NUS downloader to get IOS60-64-NUS-v6174.wad (you will have it named as 000000010000003c-NUS-v6174.wad on your computer when you get it, but for the sake you get stuck you can hopefully chat up someone who knows what to do and the key word being the IOS60 wad). So what you do is fire up the NUS downloader put into the 'TITLE ID' box(the LONG one) the following: 000000010000003c
    Leave the (v)ersion box blank, Check off the box on the bottom to pack -> wad, then click on the box that says 'Start NUS Download'. You will see it create the wad in the directory you have installed the NUS downloader in(within a folder and look for the large file with a .wad).

    Now to get ANOTHER wad with NUS, type into the boxes '0000000100000002' and now with the box labled v type in '417'. Same options as before and start the NUS download as before. The file will be named 0000000100000002-NUS-v417.wad.

    Now take the first SD card you were using, copy the wadmanger program 'boot.dol' into the root directory. Create a 'wad' folder and copy the two large files in the wad directories that you got from NUS downloader.

    Now what you might want to do is get another SD card and back up the way your wii is now, just in case something happens! Place the first SD card into your wii and turn it on. Now it will take a few seconds but you will see it load up with the following icons:
    'wii' 'homebrew channel' 'SD' and two sprockets(settings).

    Tap the power button on the wii to move the highlighted icon to the picture of the two sprockets, and the hit the 'reset' button to select . Then switch our the first SD card with the second one and select the icon showing 'chip to SD card'(ie green arrow). Remember select is with the wii reset button on the unit! Follow the instructions, your SD card will be formated and wiped clean when you do the back up. Ok now that you have it backed up, pop back in the other SD card(first one) and return back to the main menu of boot mii(the 4 icons). Now for sake of being simple, select the wii icon and then use the bannerbomb program as before, but this time the WAD importer file is the boot.dol file which is what will be running when you activate the banner bommer. The wad importer file will load up and FIRST install the 000000010000003c-NUS-v6174.wad THIS IS KEY!!! It will take a minute or two to install, then go and install the second wad file, and this will take more than a few minutes. Now at the end, you will see the wad manager options again when it is all installed. You can turn off your wii after it has successfully uploaded(make sure it has TOTALLY stopped uploading the wads).

    Take out the SD card, and remove the boot.dol and wad files from it. Place it back in, and restart your wii. Now you will have the bootmii icons again. Try and select the wii icon, and go into your 'settings' and see if you have fixed your semi brick. Also you should have the version of your firmware showing on the upper right corner(4.0U).

    Now you might want to make a backup of your wii as before, and save that info somewhere. But now you also have the HBC installed and you might want to take advantage of 'gecko os', a program that prevents region updates from being installed onto your wii in the future. Read, read ,read, and ask for help in IRC. Most of the people there are nice enough to help. Check out Efnet IRC on the #wiihelp and #wiidev channels to get help if you have questions. But please follow this recipe, going off track can royally mess you up. Remember... panic leads to doing stupid things!!! Research, research!

    Oh and to delete the duplicate weather and news channel you need to get the any title deleter program. But I will leave this for now, as the rest of that can be found on the forums or from the friendly people in IRC.

    Special kudos to the person named Galaxy, he nailed it on the head with what I needed to do. Megazig for help in tidying up loose ends(duplicate channels, and reminding me to back up my 'NAND'). I would strongly suggest you read over the wiibrew wiki site on all the topics I have touched on to get an understanding of what you are doing. Besides, it will make it easier to provide you with help if you are talking the same language as them [​IMG].

    Comments/suggestions are welcome.
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    May 20, 2009
    Hey, I believe I semi bricked my wii with god damn preloader. I have no internet connection setup on me wii so I cant Use Any Region. Could I follow the same steps even with my original system menu being 3.4U? Or Do I need a different "NUND"? I'm Really not good at the stuff and trying my best to understand. Could I Also subtract Bannerbomb seeing as i cant get into System options? Your help is GREATLY appreciated, seriously thanks.
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    May 19, 2009
    If you have a North American Wii, I dont see why not you can't update your wii to 4.0. Problem is can you get rid of the pre-loader? uninstall the thing? I purposely used software that didn't mess with my wii too much, aside from bootmii. However with bootmii I can always use the SD card to reboot and restore my wii as I backed it up(twice.. before using the wad importer and then again after I got the new wads to 4.0). Technically if you can install bootmii, I dont see how you can mess up your system anymore. But I am not an expert with pre-loader, not familiar with it.

    Best of luck.
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    Jun 9, 2009
    Thanks! I hope this works.

    EDIT: Let me clarify - so in the end, you'll be on 4.0U or 3.4U? Thanks!

    EDIT2: Is installing DVDx really necessary? I have read that you should know what you chip is before you install this. The problem is, I don't know what's installed on mine. Thanks again!