Secret life of components video series from Tim Hunkin


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
I do like a good engineering video. Before I could watch an hour long video of a master machinist making a tuna can press on demand we had educational TV.

If there is one name that rang out above all others for UK engineering TV shows it would have been Fred Dibnah, however if there was two then Tim Hunkin was it. His "secret life of machines" series then rattling around in the brains of many and also getting many to ponder how things work.

Most of the rest of the series is available online there as well if you want it.

He has a youtube channel these days and his new series is "the secret life of components" and the lack of attention it is getting is almost criminal. This is my attempt to help with that problem.

You can get to his channel to watch the rest if you like
Chain, LEDs, connectors, glue, hinges, springs, bearings, switches all being featured.

Many around here style themselves as some flavour of builder, maker, hacker, fixer of things or generally otherwise mechanically or electrically inclined. If so go have a watch. I can safely say with no ego that I am pretty hot when it comes to making things but I am learning things every episode of this so far and it is presented clearly and such that you just need to want to learn, and done with an eye to practicality rather than the more arcane stuff you get from most engineering sources.
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