SDLMameWii - Saving CFG settings

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    Sep 15, 2012
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    Hello all,

    I have recently got back into the Wii and when I have been going through my games for mame, it seems I have not figured out how to save the settings for specific games. Can you even do this? They are layed out good but dam where do I save the settings for each game. Everytime I go into lets say battletoads, I have to go in everytime and change the dip switch to three player and then setup the controller buttons for player 3. I also have the boot.dol that lets you have more than 150 roms. ALSO I have tried a fresh install for this to see if my CFG file was messed. Anyways don't mean to write textbook on something alot may have left alone for a while but I just wanna get my shiz working. :)