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    So I just got the idea to buy an SD Gecko. I found two links:

    Pro/con to either item or store? Anyone have info on them, or a better place to get one?

    (Nub question - an SD Gecko CAN be used to run GC games through SD Boot, no?)

    Edit -

    How do you all think the DX one stacks up? I have other items I wish to purchase from DX and have dealt with them before on multiple occasions, so all in one shot would be great. Their waits suck but I have yet to not receive an order from them.
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    I bought SD-Gecko from dealextreme in december last year, and it got delivered after a few weeks (took quite a time to get it to US, but
    with that price I was OK for waiting).

    The item works great and I could use it to run SD-Boot (launched through SD Media Launcher, so I dont need to install any CIOS or CMIOS).
    The main reason I bought it because the SD Media Adapter included in the SD Media Launcher is incompatible to SD-Boot applications.
    You could see the video below that I put together by using that SD-Gecko.

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    On Wii, SD Media Launcher is useless. You still need to install cMIOS in order to launch GC homebrew.
    On GC there is no IOS or MIOS, you can launch GC applications nativ via a loader (SD Media Launcher + Action Replay Disc is one loader).
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    As you could see in the video, I am able to use SD Media Launcher (bought last year) on Wii with SM 4.3U without any CIOS or CMIOS.
    It is working well for me.

    You may perhaps refer to the older version of that application that was blocked at one time.