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    So I brought a new ADATA 64GB Class 10 SDHC card to use with my Gateway flashcard. I formatted it straight away as usual but the problem is that I can't have more than 3 games available to play since I see white boxes that don't anything. I've had this problem before with a knock off 64GB SD card, is ADATA the same or is there a way to get it working. Its a noob question but if someone could possibly tell me a way to get the SD card to work, that'll be great. Apologies for the essay and thanks for reading.
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    more info...
    what file system? fat32 or exfat?
    how do you copy them on the card? copy all at once or one by one?
    what copies it? windows default file copy, linux, extra programs like teracopy?
    where do you see only white boxes? in the gateway menu, where you select your games?

    I assume, either your sd isnt formated correctly or your files get corrupted during the copy process, so the games dont work, this is a common mistake, don't copy all roms at once on the card, if you use windows
    windows has a crapy file copy system, it fragments the files and gateway cant read it then, so if you are a windows user, get a program like teracopy
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    Did you buy it on Ebay?
    Was it very cheap?

    If yes and yes, it is likely fake and smaller than indicated.
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    Sounds like it might be a fake card, there is software out there that will tell you if the card is fake or not, I forget what it's called though
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    if ur going to spend $70 on a flash cart please spend a reasonable amount on a sd card from a reputable dealer otherwise ur probably gonna be disappointed