SD card corrupted after update SSB

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    May 9, 2006
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    Yesterday i tried to install the update of SSB. But after a while it returned to the startscreen. I tried again but then i got the message it couldnt read my sd card.

    Now All my buyed games disapeared from the home menu and when i start the e-shop i got an errormessage on the sdcard (errorcode 007-2075).

    When i put the sdcard in my PC i find some corrupted files on the folder Nintendo 3DS/d926a3c1cfaed8b321f4eb25376617d9/a6a400ea4707bbaa534530340002544d/title/0004000e/000ee000/content

    And i think this causes the problem.
    Is it ok to just delete the corrupted files ?
    Anyone any ideas how to solve this ?