SaveFile/Rom Dumping not working [CycloDS & EZ Flash 3in1]

Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by poolings, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. poolings

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    I just picked up a CycloDS and EZ Flash V 3in1 expansion pack. I have updated the CycloDS firmware to 1.4 and have successfully got both NDS and GBA roms to work. The only problem I have is trying to backup my saves/dump ROMs from my retail carts.

    I downloaded Rudolph's NDS Backup Tool 3in1 v0.31 and it loaded with no problems. I proceeded to perform a "Save Backup" performing the following steps.

    1. Press B to create a new save file
    2. Swap out CycloDS with retail game, in this case, Castlevania: Escelia
    3. Push A to perform dump. The CycloDS clears NOR, writes to NOR, and then prompts to turn DS off.
    4. Push A to turn off DS, swap out retail game with CycloDS, turn on DS, and restart NDS Backup Tool.

    (for ROM dumping, I did the same except I chose ROM backup. Ref:;artlang=en)

    So at this point, the tool is supposed to prompt me with a window that asks me to (A) Continue or (B) Cancel. Well, it doesn't! The backup tool just boots up like I didn't even perform a dump. It just flashes "FAT initializing..." real quick like it usually does when you first start it.

    The CycloDS autopatches the NDS Backup Tool so no DLDI patching is required. The CycloDS and 3in1 seem to work fine independently and together when playing games. But when dumping, it does not work.

    I even tried DLDI patching the .nds file with CycloDS and EZ Flash V with their respective patch files and it still does not work. Could it be that my hardware is just crap?

    Any help would be greatful.
  2. Rascal

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    Apr 23, 2008
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    Are you running the utility from the root of the card or a folder? Where is the NDS_Backup_Tool_3in1.ini file located? I am running the utility from a folder, but have the .ini file in the root of the card.

    If the above doesn't help, please provide more information such as what version of the 3in1 you ave (older or newer) and what CycloDS firmware you are running.
  3. Daku93

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    You need to disable the build in GBA Support of the Cyclo. Otherwise it will format the Sram everytime you boot the cyclo so that it can be used