Sandisk vs Transcend

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    I have an Sandisk mobile Ultra 8gb SDHC class 6 card but im thinking of switching to a transcend 8 gb class 6 card. Should i?

    I think i have some speedproblems on my DS (laggy). But that might be my Acekard 2 acting up or maybe i formatted the card wrong (i used the... program everybody recommends on this site. Cant remember its name).

    Tell me what you think ^^
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    and sd card is an sd card, only differance is storage. the hardware is all made by the same company, then other companies bu ythe guts and put their own plastic on it. its the same with TVs, dvd players, ect. open one up and you'll see chips from samsung, sony, toshiba...yet i might be a proscan electronics company makes all their own parts.
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    I have a Transcend 8gig Class 6 in my Cyclo. To be honest, I think I may go back to the Transcend 8gig Class 4. Ever since I started using the Class 6 I've had nothing but weird problems.....the in-game menu fails to load a lot when you try to pop into it (just white screens), Ultimate Mortal Kombat won't boot unless I delete the save file [​IMG] .....silly little stuff like that. Never had ANY of these issues with the Class 4.....but then the Class 4 wouldn't play Castlevania PoR without locking all the time and the Class 6 will play it fine.....except for the above mentioned issues.

    It's odd, the Class 4 reads and writes faster, but has a very slow response time (1.6ms) whereas the Class 6 reads at about the same speed, but writes slower...what the Class 6 has got going for it though is an awesome response time of 0.8ms. The way it's been acting in the CycloDS leads me to believe that somehow either the DS or the Cyclo itself can't handle the response time....or something, I'm not sure.

    I don't know man, I think you should go with the Sandisk card. But then again, you have an Acekard and not a Cyclo, so the problems I'm experiencing may not exist on your Acekard.