Samsung S2 Portable 320GB Help

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Apr 17, 2010

Samsung S2 Portable 320GB Help by de4thazn at 4:50 PM (1,420 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    Apr 17, 2010
    hey, i have the samsung s2 portable 320gb, and when i bought it, it wouldnt work with the wii
    now i just checked the wii compatibility list cause i wanted to buy a new hd, and i saw that my samsung hd works. i read the description, but couldnt understand a thing. for now i was using my 4gb pen drive, but i wanted to play call of duty reflex, and it didnt fit inside (because of 0.2gb lol)
    can anyone tell me how to make the samsung s2 portable 320gb work and which loaders do i need to use (im using usb loader gx)?

    btw here's the link for the compatibility list

    Drive-----------------------------------USB Loader----------Description
    Samsung S2 Portable 320GB---------Works---------I have this and it's ok with wbfs manager 3.0. Works with prodnr 2009.7 but not with 2009.11 because of 1024 bytes --------------------------------------------------------------phys sector size.

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