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Mar 30, 2019
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Ok so I just had to put you boys on my unlocking gudie too :

Hello everyone I hope you all find yourselves well wherever y'all may be. I couldn't find any guides for this specific problem so hopefully this helps. Today I wanted to share a method on how I was able to unlock a Samsung Galaxy A205U Metro Pcs. We all know metro pcs devices are extremely annoying to do anything with they're always lacking options but if you tried the other FRP unlock guides for this phone and ABSOLUTELY none of them work for you (for example the notification bar strategy or the search strategy etc...) well this is the post for you. Now some background my friend came to me with a fairly new Samsung Galaxy A205U his dad had gave to him but the thing is his dad factory reset the phone without remembering his accounts or anything so it was up to me to unlock this bad boy or the phone would be useless. I tried every other method I could and nothing was working at first I didn't have any search options at all to get into chrome and then the notification bar strategy also failed me no matter how quick I was the bar just wouldn't go down. Then once I actually managed to download some APKs both APKs used in the videos I saw wouldn't open and one of them wouldn't even install. But ok lets get to it I'll try to be as organized as possible have mercy on me this is my first time writing anything like this. Also be patient and experiment ,trial and error is key. DONT GIVE UP!

  • A pin locked metro pcs sim card or an unlocked one I'm not 100% sure if this is necessary so try both, I personally did it with a locked one : You know its a locked metro pcs sim card when in every phone you put it into it takes you to a lock screen after a second or two of inserting it. AVOID THIS IF YOU CAN ITS A PAIN SO PLEASE TRY TO DO IT WITH AN UNLOCKED CARD FIRST AND IF THAT DOESNT WORK THEN DO THIS. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT IT HAS TO BE A METRO PCS SIM CARD WITH A METRO PCS OR METRO BY TMOBILE A205U (if the unlocked card doesn't work then do this as a last resort, on a phone that works go to settings> Set up sim card lock> and lock sim card. Here try putting in a pin for the sim card. For me it wasn't working and warned me that I only had 1 try left after I failed one more time it locked my sim card, took me to the lock screen and told me to contact my service provider for them to unlock it, my device was usable with no service once I took the card out but any time I put it in it locked. I had to call metro technical support twice but thankfully the person on the other end helped me set up a personal pin and be able to use my device again without factory resetting it, do not reset it its not your device that is locked its the sim card. Now my sim card is locked with a pin only I know and yours should be too if everything went good. That's how I got my hands on a locked sim card.)
  • A Samsung galaxy A205U Metro Pcs/Metro by T-Mobile.
  • A solid Wi-Fi connection.
  • A needle or other long skinny object to get the sim card tray out the phone (I heard an earing works too.)
  • Patience
  • A brain (lol).
Once you have all of these things (yeah I know what a pain) turn on the FRP locked a205U. Go ahead and fill out anything especially the Wi-Fi part you must connect your phone to a Wi-Fi for this to work because you will be downloading some stuff and searching the web and everything up until the email verification part. Once you're on the email verification part this is where the magic happens. Insert your metro pcs sim card leave it in for about a minute then take it out. Once you have taken it out wait for about 5-15 minutes just leave the phone alone don't go back or anything and this article looking web page should pop up called metro zone. You will know it is this because of the purple color at the top and all the articles and ads. If you didn't get this first try you might want to keep trying it again repeat the process, put in the sim card, take it out and wait 5-15 minutes. Then if it doesn't work again take it out and put it in but this time leave it in during the 5-15 minutes. Just keep on trying and have patience until you get the metro zone pop up. If it doesn't pop up after 15 minutes of waiting multiple times you should probably try to use a locked metro pcs sim card then sorry. Then once you have a locked one do it again. Once you get the metro zone pop up you are pretty much almost done. Next highlight a random word on any of the articles by pressing and holding down on it until its highlighted blue make sure its no a link doesn't matter what the word is and choose the option to web search. Once you do this go to the search bar at the top and type in vnrom bypass google account. It will be the first most relevant site and wont be in English. Choose the open settings app option on this site. Once you are in the settings go to notifications>see all>on the little drop down menu change whatever is there to all>scroll all the way down to YouTube>in app notification settings>history and privacy>youtube terms of service. Now you should be in google chrome. From here tap the search bar and type apex launcher APK. Download a good clean version of the APK it should have a little blue house icon. Hit the dots or symbol on the upper right side of chrome and then choose downloads. Once you are in downloads, once the APK is finish downloading tap it and install it you might have to grant chrome permission to storage and installations don't worry just do it and then hit back once or until you're back on the instillation screen. Once the app installs open it. Chose whatever style then hit home screen. If you have to enable apex launcher over One UI Home and then hit back to go to the home screen. Once here tap the white circle with the smaller circles in it at the bottom then go to the settings app. After going to settings go to biometrics and security, then tap other security settings, once here scroll down to pin windows and enable pin windows on the top right side. Then at the bottom once you tap to enable that as well it'll take you to a screen asking you which option of lock you prefer, personally I say choose the pattern option since its easy and simple. Tap require pattern when device powers on the continue make sure this is enabled, now when asked set a simple pattern that you will need to remember this is very important. Once you do this and confirm it go back to the home screen by pressing back. Restart the phone by holding down the power button and choosing restart (yes trust me just do it you're so close). Once the phone restarts you will be greeted again with the lovely FRP lock but have no fear, go ahead normally until you reach the pattern screen, insert your pattern the one you made before that I told you to remember because it was important. After this press skip on the sign in option then keep going forward as you would normally and BABAOOY WE DID IT WE UNLOCKED THE PHONE!!!! Feel free to add your accounts or do whatever you please after this because it is technically done you have nothing to worry about anymore.

That is all guys thank you all so much for reading I hope I was able to help you all like I did my friend because honestly this FRP lock bs is so annoying. I hope you all have a good time with your unlocked phones. (pardon the grammatical errors if there are any.)

Much love

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