S8DS not loading some ROMs

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    So I downloaded S8DS the other day, playing on my Acekard 2i (AKAIO 1.6RC2), and it worked, and it looked really nice (no scaling [​IMG]). But I tried Golden Axe, and it doesn't load. It just goes on a black screen, and the DS freezes. The included compatibility list says it works perfectly, but I downloaded the ROM from 6 places, and none of them work. Some other games that I wanted to try (ex. Afterburner) also went to a black screen and froze. I also have all the BIOS files installed.
    Is this a problem with my card, the emulator, or my setup? If it's the latter, how can I fix it?

    EDIT: Um... hello?

    EDIT2: Why isn't anybody answering?

    EDIT3: Nevermind, I think it was just a bad ROM. But it seems all romsites are giving bad ROMs except for one. Oh well.