Running PSX games With Iris Manager

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    Mar 2, 2010
    Sorry for starting a new topic, I searched the forum and didn't find any topic that is related to my issue, feel free to remove the topic if it violates any rules, anyway here goes...

    I have a 250 GB Slim PS3 with a CFW 4.41 and I have a bunch of games that I have installed on the external hard drive that I play with just fine, my issue however is related to PSX games, I set the games in folders correctly with Iris Manager and they all appear fine, if I run the game it works but it runs slightly slow and the sound plays in slow motion and more deep, is this normal or is there a way to fix this?

    I'd switch to PSX Classic but for some reason this never worked for me for neither PS1 nor PS2 games, I can run PSP Classic just fine though which is weird.

    Since I'm posting here I might as well ask about games with files bigger than 4GB, is there anyway to run them from the external hard drive or do I always need to use the internal hard drive? Because I have so many PSN and DLC installed on my PS3 internal HDD already and I'm running out of space fast that I had to delete a bunch of games to save space, thanks.