Rumor: PSP Getting a Price Drop?

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Rock Raiyu, May 11, 2009.

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    E3 is coming up and that means lots of speculation about potential PSP price drop announcements. And a visitor to Wal-Mart seems to think he's spotted something. An older PSP bundle was dropped to just $150 which made it cheaper than the stand-alone PSP 3000 pack, begging the question of whether they were just trying to shift old stock or have given an indication that the price of the PSP will drop.
    This is also speculation that the new PSP Go! rumor may be true afterall.

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  2. Santee

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    Well this would be a good way for sony the go against the DSi by making psp cheaper than it and making it cheaper also makes it easier for people to get them which might further psp homebrew since that is it's main use.
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    the reason why psp is not hacked very well are
    1.) Fewer ppl own it
    2.) More security than the DS

    i really expect 2 announcements at E3
    1.) Price drop
    2.) PsP Go!
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    Red tag at Walmart means they're clearing stock...its not a price drop.