Rules of hacking game systems.

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    [*]Never update the firmware/software/system from an official source.
    • Why: Updates often seek out and remove hacks, as well as close security holes that could be used to hack the system.
    • Example: If your firmware/software is version 1.0 and you update it to 1.5, you could find that not only will it remove the hacks, but the 1.0 security hole was fixed in 1.5 so you can't re-hack it the same way, you'll need to find a different method (if one even exists for that firmware version). If you have a system that you may want to hack later, keep it on a low firmware/software/system version.
    [*]Don't buy your memory/storage from ebay or some other reseller.
    • Why: Fakes and bad-performing storage are everywhere.
    • Example: You could buy an SD card with a 16GB label, only to find it actually only stores 2GB. Cheap storage tends to be slow as well, which can cause terrible loading times or crashes when you try to run something, if it even works at all.
    [*]If you don't know what it is, don't touch/delete it.
    • Why: When hacking you have access to the internals of a system (way more than you do normally). Unlike your save data or downloaded games, a lot of the files you may come across in a hacked system are crucial to the system's operation. If you delete or modify it, your system could stop working at all.
    • Example: All the people in the Wii hacking section who go and delete system IOS files without checking, only to find their Wii will no longer work...
    [*]Don't try something brand-new the moment it comes out.
    • Why: There's often a lack of testing in the hacking/homebrew scene compared to retail. In addition (though very rare) people have been known to release bad programs intended to harm your system under the disguise of a good program.
    • Example: If there's something in the tool/hack that could break a system (accidentally or intentionally), you might be the unfortunate first person to find it if nobody else has tried it. Wait for people to confirm if it's real or not before you try it, if it's something that just came out.
    [*]Understand that you may be banned from online services.
    • Why: The major companies do not want you modding/hacking their systems, so they will try to ban you from the online services even if you're not cheating online, they have various ways to detect it.
    • Example: Many people who played their hacked XBOX 360s online found their consoles blacklisted from playing online, so you can find banned consoles for sale on ebay and such.
    -Okay so this is an idea I had in my head, and I want to see what you all think of it (and what you all can add).
    Since it applies to hacking almost all modern systems I put it here, not sure if there's a better place.
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    There should be some rule of understanding the risks of modding....(bricking, being banned, etc....)
    Perhaps you might list some reliable places to get memory rather then amazon?
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    Haha i like these rules.
    I sometimes have the urge to delete files that look useless but thats such a bad idea lol
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    perhaps another rule should be to disable wifi so that your little brother doesn't accidently update the system!! [​IMG]
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    That's a great list! [​IMG]

    Every newbie should be forced to read these before attempting anything relating to game system hacking!
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    oohhh ive heard horror stories about that crap.
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    You do not know how much this has happened to me.

    I remember when I was at version 4.1 on my Wii and he updated to 4.2

    Luckily I was able to re-mod my Wii but God was I scared.
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    "Never Update, As That Will Remove The Hack"

    My sister broke that rule when I hacked her ipod. That's my golden rule with modding. NEVER UPDATE
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    For a minet there I thought this was going to be about rules the "hack creators" should follow.

    Lots of good info for noobs in here.

    Might want to add if it's a new CFW like with wanin's recent PS3 release. Waiting to see what happens to others is almost always a good idea.

    I see its already in there so I'll rephrase it as wanin's recent PS3 release is a good example of the rule.
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    [​IMG] I think i broke the most important rule on this guide though [even if it's not mentioned]
    I actually unhacked my cfw psp 1000 and updated it to 6.35 MYSELF!!! Don't ask me why i did that i was not right in the head, but i didn't even play it much anyways; just sits there collecting dust. Just a little stupidity story. [​IMG]