Stardew Valley Easy Modding with rePatch

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    Sorry if this has already been posted or a common knowledge. I just recently started playing this game and I stumbled upon a certain post from r/VitaHacks where one comment said that he/she added the xnb files inside the Content.psarc. Thanks to rePatch we don't have to edit the psarc file. I think that this method simplifies modding because all the files (loose files) are in one location, no conflict too.

    Requirements: Latest version of rePatch
    • Using VitaShell go to ux0:app and select the folder PCSE01235. Press the triangle button and choose Open decrypted.
    • Open the Content folder and open the file Content.psarc
    • Press the triangle button and choose Mark all and copy everything
    • Go to ux0:rePatch/PCSE01235 and create a new folder called Content. Paste what you've copied inside.
    • Go back to ux0:app/PCSE01235 (open it using the Open decrypted mode, see first step) and copy the folder XACT to ux0:rePatch/PCSE01235/Content
    • Delete the Content folder from ux0:app/PCSE01235
    Now you can use xnb mods by copying XNB mods to the rePatch directory.

    Edit: I just realized that this is more tutorial than hacking. Sorry, my fault. Mods please move this to the tutorial section.

    Credits: Thanks to dots for the plugin
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    I've just installed this game but won't started yet. It's much hard on normal mode or it changes something?
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    What kind of miss are supported? I don't think they are going to update the Vita version to 1.3 so I'm willing to try some of them
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    Miss? If mod then xnb.