Rudolph's Backup Tool - Injecting saves into retail cartridges

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    Sep 23, 2008
    Right people, I need some help.

    I have a .sav file for Animal Crossing Wild World on my R4. I also own the retail copy of the game. Now that City Folk is out, I wanted to transfer my settings from the .sav save into the Wii version. This can only be done through DS Download Play, and is not possible to do ingame. So I figured I would inject my .sav into the retail cartridge.

    Now, after a bit of googling I found SavSender, which I miserably failed to set up. Then I came across Rudolph's Backup Tool (WIFI version) and I have gotten a lot further with that. In fact I am able to dump roms and saves just fine. So I just need a little tutorial on the last function of the program: Injecting .sav files. I have scowered the internet but all I can find are people that said they have done it, not actually how. [​IMG]

    So I am begging you guys!

    How is it DONE!?!

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    Sorry, only just saw your post in the other thread [​IMG]

    I've never used the Wifi version, but it migth work in a similar way to the 3-in-1 version:

    The tool reads in savefiles from a folder on your cart called "NDS_Backup". Copy the savefile you want to send into here.
    (Note you might need to use a savegame convertor first to switch from the R4's 512kb savefile back to the type of save used on a retail cart (a RAW savefile) first. Try the autodetect option and see what happens, my Animal Crossing saves come out at 256kb.)

    Load up Rudolph's tool,
    then press R until the "Save Restore" menu comes up.
    press up / down arrows at this point to highlight the savefile you want to send
    Then select "Restore Data in Card from SAV File" (option A).

    I have no idea if those instructions are exactly correct for the Wifi version, but it might be something you can go on.