RPG Maker 3 for PS2 always "save failed"

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Reshiram_Addict, Nov 5, 2019.

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    I am having an issue with RPG Maker 3 for PS2. Every time I try to save my data onto the memory card, I always get "save failed" "The memory card was removed during saving" but nothing could be further from the truth! I DID NOT remove the memory card at all! It does this EVERY TIME I hit 'Retry'. It will say "saving" for about 10 seconds then ALWAYS fail with that error message.

    I Googled 'RPG Maker 3 PS2 "save failed"' (note the quotes) but only got unrelated results. Throwing quotes around "RPG Maker 3" for '"RPG Maker 3" PS2 "Save Failed" made Google say "No results for" "searching without quotes" and junk results.

    There seems to be NO information and NOBODY else who is having this issue!

    Does anybody know what the problem could be?
  2. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Are you using an original 8MB-&-MagicGate memory card?

    You see, the official name for that object that sticks above the controller plug was, for a long time, "Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2)" and not only some developers took it a little too literally by themselves, but some were bribed to deliberately reject clone cards!
  3. rs1n

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    Sounds to me like you just simply have a card that has gone (or is going) bad. Back up what you can with uLaunchELF (if you have access to FMCB), and do a full format. There are tools that will allow you to do a low-level format, if need be (MC Annihilator).
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