1. jhewitt3476

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    Jan 12, 2019
    United States
    I don't really have a problem with Rom downloads, I have backups of every game I currently own, some people like classics they can't get a hold of, frankly whatever motivation for downloading Roms each individual has, don't care, I'm not innocent, but that's what this is about...

    My main interest is finding "Modded Roms" for Nintendo Switch Roms, I'm not talking the common, inserted porn vids or permanent cheats, ect. I'm talking the majorly changed or even totally unique games made from the XCI files, over the years, I have found some awesome mods that end up being 10x better than those originals that are considered great, yet I can't find ANY anywhere ???

    The Switch has been out almost 2 years, the ability to dump games a little over a year and the same with Switch Rom downloads, yet where are the REAL games, not the "homebrews", I'm talking those ritchous game mods that everybody REALLY wants ???

    Come on, there are some fantastic variety of awesome games to work with, and just yesterday, one of everybody's game to mod came out on Switch, a "New Super Mario Bros" game, you just KNOW people can't keep their programming fingertips off that game.

    So if anyone knows where the REAL mods are or the modders, le me know ASAP !!!

    Love All !!!
  2. Dichotomy754

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    Nov 11, 2018
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    https://gamebanana.com/ is the best spot for switch roms. You don't need to patch the xci or anything, its all injected with LayeredFS. I dont think we got any complete overhauls, but there's some cool stuff out there. BOTW has the Linkle mod, which completely converts link to his female counterpart.

    Super Luigi Odyssey also just got a public release.