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    i was following a youtube tutorial on how to inject a rom into a .wad to be playable on the wii, and it was going well until i got to the save injection part. the video used a NES rom where you have to choose a source .tpl and a file to inject in VC Save Icon and Save Injector. unfortunately, i am using an N64 rom and the options are source .tpl(s) and folder to inject. what do i need to do at this point?

    also, instead of doing every step myself (converting a rom to .wad, working on the banner, icons, saving, etc.) can i just download a pre-injected wad where the work is already done?
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    From what I recall from my injection work, .tpl files are pictures and you need to have a program convert a standard picture of your own to the format, which can then be injected into the game.

    And yes, pre-injected games are available online. The n64 is about the only system it's worth it for though since homebrew emulators do just as well for most systems.
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    what game is it? i could tell you if it runs fine on wii64 or not..