'Rittai Picross' Coming to Japan in March

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    Oct 26, 2007

    "One of the DS titles Nintendo flashed in their fall press conference video was Rittai Picross. Since then we haven’t heard much about it, but Nintendo should be showing it off soon. Out of the blue Rittai Picross appeared on Nintendo’s March release calendar scheduled to be in stores on March 12.

    This screenshot explains the numbers written on cubes signify the amount of cubes used for the drawing. The “1? facing towards the stylus means one block for the ear and the ‘5? facing the top means the row is five cubes long. Did you figure out what the puzzle represents? It’s supposed to be a dog.

    Nintendo of America has not announced Rittai Picross yet, but a trademark with a similar name was registered in Japan. Perhaps, we’ll see Rittai Picross localized as 3D Picross sometime in the near future."