RiiConnect24's Beta News Channel has been released!


RiiConnect24 have been hard at work creating a News Channel that works (since September 2015!), and they are happy to announce that a beta version now exists. One can access it via their regular Wii; they merely require the RiiConnect24 DNS of and the custom IOS31 from them.

The custom IOS31 is merely required, as the original WiiConnect24 key couldn't be used (unless someone here can extract it from Nintendo ;) ), and we'd rather set our own key rather than make a custom channel, with all the issues that entailed. Other than that and the DNS, it runs the exact same way as the original News Channel :D

They have noted that sometimes stories could have incorrect formatting, and some errors on file load (the files are made hourly so if it breaks check again in an hour), and does not have globe location or imagery yet, but these are merely teething problems.

More info:

Join the RiiConnect24 Discord server:
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Oct 11, 2011
How many people are there actually that will use this?

Compared to when it was still active from Nintendo their side.
Maybe one or two thousand.

It's not the userbase, it's the fact that one can manipulate the news channels and breathe new life into them.

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The videos show our last dump of the real news from 2013, and we know of the bugs (it is a beta after all, so it wont all work :P)
Uncategorization is because we'll have to somehow work out the category ourselves, unless someone has an API for news with categories :P

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