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Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by brickmii82, Mar 10, 2015.

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    First let me thank DinohScene for his help and contributions in modding my first 360. Ok lets get down to business. If you have RGH'd your 360 and have an error saying "Play DVD" when you put in an original game disc, you have run into what I did and here are the steps I used to fix it. Before you start try and have a stock, or at least functional NAND dump stored somewhere safe.

    1. Be sure that its not a bad DVD drive by flashing your NAND back to stock. If it works stock but not glitched, you have verified its a software and not a hardware issue.

    2. Compare the DVD key from Xell with the DVD key used for your Xebuild image, mine matched. If they do not, upload a glitched NAND dump into Jrunner from your 360. Choose the CPU key from your CPU key database and click the matching key for that 360. click "Patch NAND" in Jrunner options. Be sure to input the correct OSIG and drive model along with the DVD key from Xell. Create/write your image back into your 360. If it works, great. If not move onto next step.

    3. Redump your NAND with the correct DVD key back into Jrunner, click "nofcrt" and create/write another image into your 360. If it works great, if not move on.

    4. Start Jrunner fresh on your computer. redump your image again back into Jrunner. Click "Add Dash". Check the dash just lower than yours. Let Jrunner download all the files for that dash version. Select your CPU key from your CPU key database. Manually select the lower dash version in Xebuild options. Create image and write it back to your NAND. If it works, great. if not try another dash. I had to go from 17150 to 16767.

    So that's my little contribution for now. Thanks all for reading and any input is always appreciated!!
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    As long as it plays games and not a movie saying you should put it in a 360 then there's no real need to fiddle with it.
    Seeing that most people use external HDD's or the internal HDD and load everything off off that, the DVD drive is barely needed (other then for ripping discs)

    Alternative dashes also ignore it iirc (never tried Aurora yet)
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