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Jan 21, 2008
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Don't let the title screen fool you,it's not a kiddy robot game at all.

Super Robot Taisen was first created by Banpresto in 1991 where you could pick the Mazinger Crew,Gundam Crew and of course,the Getter Crew.After little success, Banpresto decided to make more Super Robot War games which had all sorts of Robots from Animes such as Gunbuster,Dancougar,Evangelion,Gaogaigar,Daitarn 3,and much more.

This game,however,has Banpresto originals instead of Mazinger,Gundam,Gaiking,and a bunch of other mechs from Japan.This game continues where the first OG game left off.You fight the Divine Crusaders again,but then,new enemies show up,including the Inspectors from Super Robot Taisen 3,and the original casts from Super Robot Taisen A,which never came overseas.

The gameplay is that you move your units around the map and destroy enemies or protect a base.Each character has different sets of skills which costs SP.These skills are useful and can give you a 100% hit chance,twice the damage or evade an attack for a turn.Of course,the best ones cost alot of SP such as Zeal where you can move again twice and Guts where you revive all your HP.Seeing the battle animation over and over again gets really old near the end of the game but you can skip them.But where's the fun in that?


Cast of Super Robot Taisen A appear in Original Generations 2.

The graphics are way better than the first one,and it looks more than 2-D.But the battle animations are the best.They animated everything,they didn't get lazy when they made Super robot Taisen D(Well,they weren't that lazy but seriously,we don't wanna see missles coming out of a robot's face.We don't know where the missles came from,unless we seen that robot's show.)But anyway,they animated everything perfectly.They even animated the weak attacks such as Vulcan's,Missle's,Beam swords.Overall,the graphics are top notch in this game.


A new character from Super Robot Taisen Alpha 2

The music is one of the highlights of this game.Every character has thier own theme music and are very hot blooded or just,typical robot anime theme music.The characters who aren't that important(Russel,Katina,Yuuki,Carla,just to name a few),have the same music themes.The sound is also nice.Hearing explosions everytime never gets old.


Nothing like a good beat up from Ryusei.

I think everyone should atleast give this game a shot.Atleast to the middle where the story gets intresting.The beginning isn't great at all and it dissapointed me but when it got to the part where a masked man with a mech that carries a huge sword appears and kicked one of my mech's ass,it made me intrested in the storyline cause the masked man sounded like Sanger Zonvolt who was an ally in the first game.


Look who's back!!!

9.2 out of 10.
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