ReVanced NodeJS Builder Install Script For Termux

Hello everyone. For those of you who have been followers of YouTube Vanced, you likely know that the official project was shut down earlier this year, and ReVanced took its place. The difference between the two is that ReVanced doesn't provide any modified apps, and instead offers a patcher for numerous apps. Other than YouTube and YouTube Music, it also now patches the official Reddit and Twitter apps, WarnWetter (German weather app), and more apps are planned to be supported. The caveat to ReVanced is that there's no official builder for it, and patching APKs requires a familiarity with the command line as well as a desktop to work with. This is where the NodeJS builder comes in. It offers a handy browser based GUI that's super user friendly. It allows you to select the version of the app you want, what patches to apply, and shows which patches are compatible with what version.

Set up instructions for running it on Android are available, but I've written a (rather sloppy) script that'll set it up while keeping things tidy. It also installs a run and update script so that you can just run a single command to either launch the builder or update it. I know it could be better, but I hastily wrote it in Termux itself, so don't judge me.

You'll want the F-Droid version of Termux if you don't have it already.

Once it's installed, run these commands in it:
pkg update && pkg install wget -y
wget -O && chmod +x

Once it's done, run either one of these commands:
revanced-builder -  Should open a web browser automatically

Update Aug 12, 2022
  • Added 'wait' commands to sort of make output easier to read
  • Forgot to include 'npm i' in the update script, good to go now
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