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Kubba Jan 16, 2018.

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    I've been looking here and there in the forums trying to find out how people have gotten Windows 95\3.11 to run on their machines. I've played around with .conf files and trying to launch Win 3.11 in Retroarch Dosbox versions 1.3.3 to more recent releases. Still no dice. Trying to run anything gives me a kernel panic.

    I'm running an N3DS with the latest firmware, latest version of Luma on B9S. I could tell you all about my current Dosbox setup, but I'd rather hear the details of someone else's setup.


    Edit: Alright, so I've messed around with Retroarch Dosbox. My tests included .3dsx and .cia builds from 1.3.3 to the latest builds. I've also tried the setup another user made with some batch files. I built a windows 95 image using another (woefully incomplete) guide and edited a batch file and .conf file to mount the windows 95 image. I managed to get the farthest in the 1.6.7 CIA build.

    I can get as far as the bootscreen for 95, but I still get the Kernel Panic error. Disappointment, especially after all the time I spent setting up. I did some searching again and came across this post; the first sentence is all that really matters, but I've included the whole thing for posterity:

    tl;dr, Retroarch is essentially broken or at least not optimized to run in Luma. Unless the team takes the project out of mothballs, DosBox is always going to have issues.Regardless, I've tried Luma 9.0, 8.1.1, and 8.1 and all return the same stack error. I guess I could try and dig up some older builds of Luma to test them, but they probably won't run on B9S, and I don't think it'd make a difference. Perhaps I could have saved myself all this trouble by looking this up sooner, but I wanted to experiment for myself. For now, it looks like a solution is out of my lowly html-programming hands, unless someone else has any ideas.
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