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    hi i been thinking. i been on sites like n4g, youtube, & a few others always talking about nintendo has no 3rd party support, which is a lie(call of duty every gen(handheld & console), no more heroes, resident evil, zombi u, assasins creed & more.) then we have those that say its the nintendo users only buy nintendo games & not 3rd party which i think is also false also in my case i play mostly 3rd parties, resident evil rev on 3ds, black ops 2 & zombi u on wii u. tho i do enjoy pokemon & zelda.
    its those devs with the last gen thogts that are the problem. complain but not release certian games or give us waterd down missing features games.

    some say its nintendos fault, some say its the consumers, but i think its developers fault heres why. last gen wii, 360, ps3. which console was getting waterd down ports with no content? which console was devs always complaining about sells of that version? why? would you keep buying games from a dev if all they were givng you was half the game you get on another console? no you would get a game from a company which supports you which for 1 nintendo always will be why 1st party sold best on wii (also good games. :3).
    call of duty games, get best support which out of 360, ps3, pc, & wii u is being sold best on?

    but what about 3rd party? being that 3rd party devs now days take features out of games ( black ops 2 wii u dlc), cancel games for no reason(megaman legends 3 3DS, crysis 3 wii u), & just not release some games because füçk you? (gta 5 wii u, tomb raider wii u?)

    thats the devs decision not ours, would you respect them more for doing this? no only companies like nintendo 1st parties deserve respect.

    so yea i think devs decision drives support which drives respect, respect drives sales. & with sales drives whats released how?, but what do you think ?

    btw posted this from wii u gamepad, any spelling errors, typos, grammer will be fixed later.
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    Well no offense it's hard to say "They have a ton of third party support" when they've been collectively left out of a lot of multiplats (and still are) in years. But you don't buy a Nintendo console for third parties, you buy it for Nintendo games.

    Developers don't have a prejudice really, it's just business. Analysts see if they'll make a profit on a Nintendo version of a game. If they think they do, they make a version of it. If they don't, they don't. Simple as that.
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    Bullshit. The wii was underpowered compared to the other consoles. If the devs didn't water it down, the game would have looked like a slideshow on the wii. The result was that developers had to spend more effort into tweaking the game for the console (meaning: it took more coders to get things running properly...and they aren't working for free), to come up with a game that looked better on the other consoles (meaning: anyone with a second console next to their wii is going for the other version).

    It's only now that the wiiu has equal (or even better) handling for third party support. Unfortunately, it still takes time for devs to learn how to properly code for it (meaning: more costs) and the installed playerbase isn't that large yet (meaning: less revenue), so it's STILL financially better to develop for other consoles.

    All of the above factors are reasonable and understandable. It's that that makes the result that nintendo consoles sell for the nintendo exclusive's not the original problem. Still...if I had to point a finger to blame, I'd put it to nintendo. They deliberately went for an underpowered console with strange controls on the wii. It payed off in revenue...but at the cost of third party support.

    It's only the question whether that last will pick up again with the wiiu.
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    Their handhelds have always gotten stellar third-party support. It's just their home consoles after the SNES that get the shit end of the stick.

    I'm not going to talk about the N64 or Gamecube's problem (although Gamecube did fare a bit better) but the Wii suffered in third-party support purely because of the specs. Devs couldn't port games easily to the hardware.
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