[Request] Fire Emblem 12, looking for save, cheat or save editor

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    Nov 2, 2015

    I beat the game yesterday but with the wrong ending.

    I would like to acces to true ending, but i don't really enjoy playing the game again while having to follow a playthrough at all chapters to be sure to not miss any item.

    So I'm looking for a save or save editor that allows me to start games at chapter 20 with all orbs and requirements for unlockings the chapter 21

    If it does not exist, i would like to cheat the game to rush it so i don't have to concentrate too much on the game (i found the game not that easy on normal mode, especially the part with all that dragons ;-; )

    I use a supercard dstwo. I didn't find usrcheat.dat that includes FE 12 cheats, and my research with free cheat hasn't found anything yet.

    thx for any help.
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