Replacing a DS lite shell

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    Can anybody recommend a particular video they found helpful? I've watched a few on youtube but they seem to vary in helpfulness. I just purchased a slightly roughed up DS lite from ebay and I want to have a go at putting one of those translucent shells from DX on it.
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    When i did it on my own DS 2 years ago, i used a guide right here on temp. Not sure it's still around though.
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    Here is the guidance about how to replace your Nintendo DS Lite Shell

    How to Replace a Nintendo DS Shell
    The Nintendo DS is a handheld video game system released by Nintendo in 2004. The system has since been revised as the DS Lite and most recently the DSi. The system features two screens (including one touchscreen), a microphone, Wi-Fi compatibility and a clamshell design. The outer shell that houses the system's electronics can be removed for repair or cleaning by following a few basic steps.

    Step1.Remove all games from the Nintendo DS. Take off the battery cover and remove the battery. Use the tri-wing screwdriver to remove all six screws on the bottom of the system and remove the shell.
    Step2.Release the black clamp on the system's circuit board. Carefully remove the brass connector near the middle of the system and disconnect the top hinge cover.
    Step3.Take out the screws from the top part of the shell, using the Phillips screwdriver. Slide the flat screwdriver along the grove on the side of the shell and pull it apart. Push the wires through the small hole on the shell.
    Step4.Remove all circuit boards and screw them onto the proper locations on the replacement shell. Replace the hinges.
    Step5.Push the wires through the same hole on the new shell. Connect them and press down on the black clamp. Make sure everything is lined up properly and re-connect the shells.
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