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    I'm currently using firmware 6.35 PRO (TN Hen) on a PSP3001 (ofw 6.35) and trying to get RJL v19 to work. Whenever I try to install Plugin Driver B, it says that DPisnt.exe for 64-bit ins't installed. I've installed this dpinst.exe from another source, but get the same result. I've also tried disabling the driver signature enforcement through cmd.exe and manually signing the .sys files, but neither works. The F8 trick at the beginning of start-up for advanced boot options doesn't work either. I'm using a Win7 64-bit system on a HP HDX 16t laptop. Any tips?
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    You sure it's the 64-bit driver?
    Is there even a 64-bit driver?

    Can't install a 32-bit driver on 64-bit windows.
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    There IS a 64 bit driver. Its in the v19 package (which is on FileTrip), so just download that package to get the driver and you can still use v20.