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    May 27, 2016
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    A program for easy downloading of the latest files for use with Plailect's A9LH guide with the ability to push directly to an SD card. It should work with most systems, but SD copying has only been tested with Windows and Debian flavors of Linux. It's not perfect and could use some cleanup but here it is. It can be run from source, or if on Windows, I have created an executable. Automated FBI injection should be fixed soon.

    I've spent a bit working on this. I've wanted to help the community for a while and I figure this is the best as I have yet to see this.

    Have fun!




    • Compatability with: N3DS EUR, JPN, USA as well as O3DS EUR, JPN, USA, TWN, and KOR consoles
    • Backup of NANDmin.bin and NANDmin.bin.sha into Backups folder
    • sha256 checking of update.zip and ctr_transfer.zip
    • Update file downloading for versions 9.3 and above
    • Fully automated downloading and moving of the newest files
    • Compatibility with Windows and at a minimum (haven't tested others) Debian flavors of linux

    External Dependencies

    Known bugs
    • Broken FBI injection
    • A few instances of unhandled exceptions which isn't really a bug it's a Feature™
    • Code all over the place.. also a Feature™ (working on it.. promise!)
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    Dec 7, 2015
    Oooh, seems nice. Almost fully to the no computer era!
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