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    Hi everyone !

    Just got a US cardridge for my European 3DS and .... you know the problem.
    The game even does not show up..... [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I didn´t know that, just expected this device to accept anything.

    Might there be some hardware hack to free the cardridge ?
    I mean, something like soldering two contacts on the board or connecting through a graphit pen ?
    Or maybe you just have to remove some part ?
    Or can you say this is absolutely impossible for sure ?

    Does anyone know how this region lock is working technically ?

    THanks !
  2. BoxmanWTF

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    Nov 22, 2008
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    nope, gotta sell it, or give it away.
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    It's not a simply lock out pin ala NES... It's the way the game is physically encoded... Unlike in previous systems (IE the Wii) Nintendo has probably made seperate keys for each region, hedging their bets that if one region of consoles gets hacked the others may still be "safe"... Of course, that's just a theory. That said, because it's entirely software, it may mean that Nintendo can/will lift the restriction themselves down the line if enough people complain about it.